Developing a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle is essential!


Developing a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle is essential!
Stay motivated. Be dedicated. You are strong!
Stay motivated.
Be dedicated.
You are strong!

Jenny and Donna will meet with you to give expert nutrition advice!

Together you will partner to develop and review your attainable short- and long-term goals. Additionally, you will collaborate to problem solve, plan ahead for life events and celebrate your success as you continue to reach your optimal weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle. You will receive strategies on how to stay on track and have an accountability partner to support you through the process.

Connect with me to customize your journey!

After your initial 1-on-1 session, Jenny or Donna will be your personal nutrition coach for the next six weeks. You can text them anytime and your coach will review your food daily. After the initial six weeks the ball is back in your court—you can continue to work together or fly on your own.

We are a healthy, active couple with no real weight problems but have always felt that we could eat better. The on again off again diet fads have come and gone and generally work while you torture yourself with self-denial, but the results evaporate when the will to live normally returns. When we met Donna, she showed us that it’s not about dieting but eating with nutrition as the priority that is the goal.

Donna actually went to the grocery store and showed us the exact products and quantities to eat. Regular, normally stocked items but in the proper balance was the “secret sauce”. With the application of a free mobile app we can now enter products, mostly by scanning the barcode, and hit our targets for carbs, proteins, and fat. Calories now mean more than a diet target; they are the countdown to creating proper meal plans and achieving the balance that leads to results. Inches have melted away and weight loss has occurred although that was not the priority.

The most significant revelation is that this method of tracking and eating is sustainable. We have taken vacations and still eat out multiple times a week while maintaining our positive progress. Donna advised not to try to be perfect every day or every meal. Her advice was to aim for 80% compliance to the plan and she said that would get us results. She was right! Chocolate protein drinks, ice cream a few times a week at night, she even showed us great potato chips are low in carbs and high in protein. Genius!

We have been converted to healthier eaters and our bodies have responded with more energy and satisfaction in the mirror.
Thank You Donna! Judy & Mike

Topics Include:
  • Developing an individualized nutrition plan
  • Learn about macros and how to count them
  • Strategies to curb sugar cravings
  • How to dine out successfully
  • Group Me with other clients where you share recipes and encouragement

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“Jenny creates a lifestyle that is easy to maintain and enjoy. I was worried I would be hungry and discovered by eating the correct things, I could eat even more.” ~KGH

“Donna has been there for me every step of the way during my lifestyle change journey. She is an encouraging positive coach and guide. I give my highest recommendation to her for anyone looking for a positive change and proven results. ~Daphne S