See what others have to say about their Weigh Better With Jenny experience.


See what others have to say about their Weigh Better With Jenny experience.
Success Stories
Success Stories

Nutrition Testimonials

Weigh Better With Jenny has been very positive experience and exceeded my expectations. I lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks and am currently in “maintenance mode” holding steady at 12 pounds down.

Beginning the program with lunch and a grocery store visit with Jenny was educational and hands-on helpful. Jenny informed me that it would be important to have a lot of protein in my diet. Being a lover of meat and nuts, I assumed that it wouldn’t be a big increase for me. However, it was a significant increase. I quickly realized that the protein would be an important factor in meal balance that would stave off the feeling of hunger. In fact, once I got the hang of reaching the macro goals, feeling hungry wasn’t an issue. Jenny’s eating plan worked for me and has become a new normal.

For years I struggled to fall asleep at night. Jenny explained to me that the late-night intake of sugar was likely a factor in causing the insomnia. Turns out, she was right. Jenny’s eating plan for me kicked my sugar craving and has resulted in the gift of several additional hours of sleep each night.

Jenny’s program is structured to meet the needs of varying lifestyles. In addition to her dialed-in feedback and encouragement re: food selection she offers exercise classes to those whose schedules allow participation and also a group chat that particularly assists with healthy recipes and information sharing. Although I was unable to participate in the group exercise classes, the recipes were appreciated as well as the “heads up” to particular grocery products that comply with the balanced eating plan.

Jenny struck a great balance of effectively creating accountability while giving encouragement and support. By suggesting alternatives to food selections, I made early on in the process, she helped me better understand how to reach the meal balance and macro goals that would allow me to lose weight.

After a couple of weeks on Jenny’s balance eating plan the lethargy, I had been feeling slowly turned to energy. The extra weight I was carrying started to disappear. I began to sleep better and therefore mornings weren’t such a challenge. After several weeks my clothes fit differently, and I could wear jeans that had been hanging in the “too small” section of the closet. Eventually my skinny jeans began to fit like regular jeans. Last week my tennis partner told me that I need to go shopping because my clothes are “hanging off of me now.”

I have become a believer in Jenny’s process. It worked for me. Most importantly, I feel equipped to continue this healthy lifestyle now that my weight goal has been met. Jenny taught me how to eat in a way that is feasible, sustainable, and never leaves me feeling hungry.
~ Jill A.

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I met Jenny and discovered her outside and online workouts after Covid shut down my gym, which honestly I’d not been using much even before the shutdown: classes were too crowded and didn’t fit my schedule. The convenience and experience of outdoor workouts in my neighborhood AND both live and on-demand online classes gave me no excuse not to get back to cardio and strength training, in addition to my regular daily walking routine. It was Jenny’s engaging smile and encouraging, energetic teaching, however, that kept me going back; I’ve even added a weekly outdoor workout that’s not in my neighborhood. She has so much knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm that I love every class, even if I’m sweating bullets and dying to quit! She also offers great modifications, which I greatly appreciate at times! For any woman of any age and ability, I highly recommend Weigh Better with Jenny!
~ B. J.

My goal was to lose 13 pounds. Adjusting my eating habits and tweaking my work out routines I did it in 12 weeks! Working with Jenny made it a reality! Jenny’s enthusiasm and real-life menus helped change my eating habits. If you stay on course and follow Jenny’s suggestions you too can accomplish your goals.
~ J. H.

Jenny creates a lifestyle that is easy to maintain and enjoy. I was worried I would be hungry and discovered by eating the correct things, I could eat even more. Her positive attitude and encouraging texts always seemed to speak to me at the right time. Jenny is incredibly gifted at nutrition coaching and I am so glad she could coach me!
~ K. H.

Fitness Testimonials

I’ve been taking classes from Jenny for the past 1 1/2 years, and I love them! She has a great variety, and she actually makes working out fun. She’s encouraging and always gives us good tips to live a healthy life. At 46, I’ve never been in better shape than I am right now. I highly recommend WBWJ for anyone wanting to get healthy and lose weight too!
~ Julie F.

Jenny’s outdoor workouts never disappoint – always different, always challenging, and adaptable to any fitness level. If watching her many on demand videos is not motivation enough, I highly recommend an outdoor workout to mix it up and hold yourself accountable.
~ Elaine L.

The outdoor workout with Jenny is amazing. Her positive energy is contagious. I leave feeling so good every time. It’s also the most effective workout I’ve ever done. I see more results with it than anything else. I love it!!
~ L. A.

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